We were off! Resin art was the way... Until I discovered that my body rejects that idea strongly. Despite working in well ventilated area, and with all the appropriate PPE, including a ventilator mask, I had an allergic reaction. So Rebecca, my friend and business partner in this venture, has taken it all and will be making a few bits to use up our current stock and then we will be retiring resin from our repertoire.

PIVOT! Small Studio Pottery

I was about 6 when my mum first took me to the pottery studio near where we lived in Johannesburg and I made my first pinch pot.

After that I didn't return until I was 12 and at this point my mum was producing some beautiful pieces, had made a name for herself locally and was studying under a Potter named Digby Hoets, who made enormous, amazing pots. I used to go with her about once a month and I loved it.

She and I both stopped when she got ill and, after she died, I moved to the UK. Here I continued my ceramic love at adult evening courses and when I moved to Essex, I found an amazing local studio run by an amazing artist, Suzanne Rampton. She inspired me, pushed me and fanned the flame 🔥

It is her studio that has inspired me to convert my space too. I have dreamed of having my own small studio pottery for years and have attempted to set it up many times but circumstances did not allow, it seems now that the stars have aligned.

I have been purchasing equipment for the last 12 years, a wheel, a kiln, clay, tools, glazes and clay. Slowly buying all the bits I need...

So it is official - Moving Canvas Studio Pottery is here!

There is still work to do but I have a load ready to bisque fire soon so will keep you posted.

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