Creating new things thanks in part to Covid

As a result of UK lockdown measures, which I completely accept are for the health of the nation, it is just not practical for me to continue with face and body art - for now.

I did what I imagine so many of my friends doing and I spend at least a couple of months, cancelling events, returning deposits, cleaning my kit in the hope that by August 2020 I could just skip back to working. It was not to be. I quickly realised that if I was going to have to find another way to keep myself sane and my husband and children alive! As a family we have not spent so much time in each others company. I needed an escape. I did some acrylic pours on Canvas with my daughters, which was great and it got me thinking about my interest in resin art. I got a little kit, from a generic online store and that was the small spark that ignited my imagination and creative energy.

My friend was in a similar position, having lost her chef job and was helping me with the larger projects. thing led to another and Moving Canvas Resin Art was born. We have had he most amazing support and feedback and have loved creating some amazing projects - large resin pour paintings, bespoke coasters and sets of festive decorations, and resin sculptures.

check us out on Instagram @moving_canvas

Facebook @movingcanvasuk

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