Henna season, what to look out for...

Summer is properly here and the children are enjoying the expressive freedom it allows. Funky coloured hair and henna are top of the list. As a natural henna artist, I love this season as everyone, young and old, can enjoy a little body art that lasts a week or two. 

There have been a lot of articles about black henna and the dangers of reactions. I have noticed that there is still confusion about what is natural henna and what is not...

Firstly let's look at black henna. It is not henna at all and any self respecting natural henna artist's heart breaks every time someone puts the label henna anywhere near that stuff. Avoid! 

Secondly, there are hundreds of pre-packaged cones of coloured paste that also claim to be henna... These are usually sold on larger market websites in foil cones, printed with reassuring labels claiming to be natural. Again avoid.  They may not be as dangerous as black henna but any henna that can survive in a cone for weeks on end not frozen or refrigerated is not natural.

Henna is a plant, once it is mixed and starts releasing its stain it is only good for 3 to 6 days if refrigerated.

I purchase my henna powder from trusted, reputable businesses and mix my own paste. If you do decide to treat yourself to henna, please ask the artist for the list of ingredients.

Remember real henna is brown or green, stains orange and darkens over 48 hours. It also smells lovely. XX 

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