So what have I been up to lately?

I am so incredibly lucky to be doing this for my living, it has taken a lot of hard work but when I have a few weeks like this it is so worth it. 

In June I provided a team of amazing and talent ladies for the 3 foot festival in Chelmsford, Essex. This is a fabulous little festival for under 5s and we are there to give them a little bit of colourful magic. You can check out some of the lovely faces on Instagram @moving_canvas  or my Facebook page @movingcanvasuk.  

One reason it is so special is that for many of the children we paint it is thier first experience of face or arm painting.  All of the painters are aware of this and we really try and make it one that will be special. I love every single mirror moment (even when the children look completely unimpressed by my masterpiece 😉) but The expressions of the children who as delighted with thier first face paint or arm paint is just priceless. I also adore the things children say like one lad sat in my chair and announced loudly "my dad is a woman!". His dad was standing behind him, he was not a woman. 😂

I then provided a team for Fling Festival in Essex. This is the adult version where we can tap into the inner child while festivalling like a grown up. It was a lovely little festival and a great day/night out for a group of friends without the kids. 

We did lots of fancy adult festival face painting, pretty eye designs for both the ladies and the gents and a lot of festival glitter.  I never had face painting as a child and so have a lot of the festival folk, so we had a lot of lovely moments here too. Thank you to all the customers that came to see me again! 😘

There is so much more ....another festival, parties, henna, casulaty simulation makeup, pink warpaint for Race for Life and more but I will have to save them for another day. 

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