Going Global in One Stroke


How was I going to react when Natalie from the Face Painting Shop called me and asked if I can keep a secret? Seriously? Me? Well I made a promise that I would and it has been torture, until now! Nat invited me and my fabulously talented friend Debz Mills to come and try out a few new Global one-stroke paints before their official launch. GASP! So we had a brilliant morning playing with the new colour combinations and painting the lovely Hannah as part of her work experience, as you do!

Everyone knows how much I love one-stroke cakes - when I get random requests I look at my one-strokes and think “Right, how I can paint that using a one-stroke cake?”. I have a few favourite brands including Cameleon, TAG, DFX and now Global too. I am not sure when I first tried one of the Global one-stroke paints but I can remember being completely in love with the vibrant colours and how beautifully they blend. I mean, let’s face it, I was going to buy a few to add to my kit anyway but then I discovered that they also don’t seem to stain me.

I know that different brands and colours stain different people, but I seem to have skin that completely absorbs colour. I have stained with every red, green, teal and dark blue that I have ever used before I tried Global, so having really deep and rich colours that don’t linger is a huge bonus for me.

Global one strokes are not as soft as brands like Cameleon or TAG so if you are used to these lovely paints, it can take a while to get used to the water and pressure that you need to get good activation of the paint without turning the one-stroke into a bit of a muddy puddle. The result is worth it though. Global Iceland is my absolute favourite Elsa cake. Considering the millions of winter/snow crowns, eye designs and butterflies that I painted in the past year it has lasted for absolutely ages -I only started using my new one last week.

What started as a handful of one stroke’s in my kit has developed into a bit of a collection of about 15 and is still growing. Some of the colours don’t look very interesting in the container and then you put them onto a brush and taaaadaaaa it makes sense and then I just HAVE to buy one. If you have not tried them yet and live near the Face Painting Shop, you can always pop in as Nat has some lovely samples in the tester room. Otherwise, you can always corner me or my super friend Debz at a local face painting jam as we both have a pretty complete collection of one stroke cakes. Alternatively, keep your eyes peeled for our One-Stroke workshops!

Hopefully the few designs we painted with these lush new one-stroke cakes will give you an idea of the new colour combinations and some of the things you can do with them.

Nicky x

The face painting shop - www.thefacepaintingshop.com

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